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  • MRLC Salon Phrase VII: Mr. Zhao Hu shared how to be a good lawyer

    2016.12.07 - 2016.12.07

    On December 7, China-Korea Market and Regulation Law Center (MRLC) Salon Phrase VII was successfully held in Room 201, Renmin University of China Media Building. Professor Meng Yanbei of Renmin Law School held this salon. The partner of East Bright Law firm, Zhao Hu was invited to share his experience as a lawyer.

    Mr. Zhao graduated from the Law School of Renmin University of China with rich experience in practicing law. In the seminar, Mr. Zhao mainly focused on “how to become a good lawyer” and was willing to exchange ideas and thoughts with the students.

    Firstly, Mr. Zhao asked students “What is Law” and actively interacted with the students who participated in the seminar. Mr. Zhao believed that different legal professions had different perception and awareness. But the law shall be considered as a faith rather than just a tool to the job. Mr. Zhao also told them an interesting story on the event organized by the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. He recalled some feedback on “Why you choose law as your job” from judges, lawyers and scholars. In the interactive process, the students actively expressed their views and opinions. Most of them had a difficult decision between whether to be a doctor or a lawyer. Mr. Zhao pointed out that medical science and law have a lot in common. In the legal profession, in fact, there are many types of medical terminology concepts, such as legal clinics, legal lesions and so on.


    After that, Mr. Zhao told them the regular procedure and time schedule to in the law firm from an intern to a good lawyer. And then he listed several requirements to be satisfied.

     discussions and exchanges, officials from SAIC have expressed that they reward a lot from this salon. Two teachers’ professional and in-depth analysis has help them have a richer understanding of the concepts of the anti-monopoly law, and provides them a good analysis method for their practical work of law enforcement.


    Professor Meng Yanbei briefly summarized the salon. She thanked Mr.Zhao for his sharing of observation of law from the lawyers' professional view. She also pointed the concept of professional community of the law. A better professional community would guarantee a better allocation of the resources.