about us


The China-Korea (Korea-China) Market & Regulation Law Center is an interdisciplinary research center established between the Innovation, Competition and Regulation Law Center of Korea University Law School (the “ICR Law Center”) and the Economic Law Research Center of Renmin University Law School in China, for academic, educational and practical cooperation.


Welcome to the China-Korea Market & Regulation Law Center (MRLC).

The MRLC was founded in September 2013. Built upon a partnership between two leading legal research centers in China and Korea, the MRLC’s mission is to lay groundwork for the international legal community to exchange interdisciplinary ideas and comparative experiences. Our main interest covers Competition laws, Intellectual Property Rights laws and Economic Regulations of China and Korea.

By bringing together leading academics and experts from disparate research disciplines and regions, we hope the MRLC may serve as a unique focal point of academic creativity. Dedicated to our mission, the MRLC will foster collaborative and sophisticated research, host a variety of academic events on cutting-edge legal issues and provide platforms for education and consulting. We believe that our integrated approach will be a major contribution to the Chinese and Korean economies by providing practical and logical solutions to the most-current legal issues.

We sincerely hope you continue to support and participate in our efforts. Thank you.

Shi, Ji Chun

Representative Commissioner, MRLC Director, Economic Law Center of Renmin University of China

Kim, Yeon Tae

Representative Commissioner, MRLC Director, ICR Law Center